The Fidelis token is listed on the Probit exchange with the pair FDLS/USDT and on the Coinsbit Exchange with the pair FDLS/BNB.


The Fidelis Token is the native currency of the Fidelis Fintech ecosystem. By using products and services from the Fidelis Digital Bank, Fidelis Exchange and Fidelis Club platforms, you accumulate FDLS Tokens. The Token has a smart contract deployed on the Blockchain Smart Chain, of the BEP20 network. Through the explorer you can see details of the contract on the blockchain

Throughout the Fidelis Fintech ecosystem, you can accumulate FDLS tokens and exchange them for products and services on the Fidelis Club loyalty points platform or exchange them for cash on the Fidelis Exchange platform. This token varies in value, so it is worth more and more over time with its use throughout the Fidelis Fintech ecosystem.

  • Total Supply: 983,245,976.537448
  • Circulating Supply: 325,000,000.000
  • Blockchain: Smart Chain
  • Network: 56
  • Type: BEP20